Mesmerising Magicals

by 7F5R Studio

This Exclusive is a culmination of all the questions about Lindys Gang Magical pigments we have received over the years, many important highlights from our in-person Magicals classes taught at our Studio in Singapore, plus more!

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In this series, Debbie New (CZT 18), Stephanie Jennifer (CZT 21), and Susan Yeo (CZT Asia 2) will share with you the countless colourful possibilities that you can create using Lindy's Gang Magical pigment powders!

The series includes:

  • A  handout specially made for this series that includes a list of materials needed, class notes, and helpful tips and tricks.

  • In Part 1 of this series, we’ll be teaching you various application techniques, and helpful tips to keep in mind while you are tinting your tiles.

  • In Part 2 of this series, we show you how to adorn your tinted tiles with different tangle patterns.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

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  • 2


    • Handout for Mesmerising Magicals

    • Introduction to this "Mesmerising Magicals" series

  • 3

    Part 1 - Tinting

    • Tinting Your Tiles

  • 4

    Part 2 - Tangling

    • Tile 1 - Colours All Around

    • Tile 2 - Building Bridges

    • Tile 3 - Midnight Musings

    • Tile 4 - A Bouquet of InaFlux

    • Tile 5 - Three's a Crowd

  • 5

    Spoiler Alert: Final Tile Photos

    • Tile 1 - Colours All Around

    • Tile 2 - Building Bridges

    • Tile 3 - Midnight Musings

    • Tile 4 - A Bouquet of InaFlux

    • Tile 5 - Three's a Crowd

  • 6

    Additional Ideas

    • Other Examples and Additional Ideas

    • 7F5R Studio - Other Resources

What to expect...

We take utmost care in creating each of our Thinkific series. Here's what you can expect after purchasing our Mesmerising Magicals series.

  • All videos are shown in real-time so that you can draw along with us. You may also pause the video if you need more time to draw, or stop the video and come back to it another day, and continue where you left off.

  • You get lifetime access to the series after purchasing it.

  • You can always email us to ask any questions that you have. We're happy to help.

  • We teach you eight different tinting techniques.

  • We bring you (from start to finish) along five unique tangling projects.

  • A handout was specially created for this series. It includes helpful tips and tricks that you can use to create beautifully tinted backgrounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will I get if I buy this Mesmerising Magicals series?

    The series will teach you a variety of ways you can use Lindy's Gang Magicals pigment powders. In total, you will learn 8 tinting techniques and go through 5 different tangling projects. You will also receive a handout that was specially created for this series.

    All of our videos are shown in real-time so that you can tangle along with us.

  • After I purchase the course, will there be a time-limit on how long it will be available for viewing?

    No, there isn't a time-limit. Once you purchase the course, you get lifetime access to it.

  • I have a question that is not answered here...

    You can send your questions to us via email: [email protected]

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