Found Poetry Online Course

by Debbie New and Stephanie Jennifer

This is for people who are looking to reconnect with their creative, literary and artistic selves.

Transform the old into something new and beautiful. Compose your very own poems from pages of an old book, tangle beautiful patterns on it to create a unique piece of art. This series will definitely stretch your creativity while teaching you new techniques.

In this series, Debbie and Stephanie will teach you different ways to create a found and tangled poem. The series includes:

  • The materials needed to draw alongside the tutorials.
  • Three full-length tutorial projects done in real-time so that you can draw along with us.
  • Using basic Zentangle concepts and patterns to put a spin on a popular art method of creating poetry from upcycled texts.
  • Many beautiful examples of Found Poetry tiles created by Debbie and Stephanie to inspire you.

Read more about the Found Poetry technique on our blog:

Course curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

  • One of the preview video is a time-lapse. Are all videos in this course time-lapse videos, too?

    The time-lapse preview video gives you an idea of how our videos are filmed. However, all of the videos in the paid course are shown in real-time, and you are encouraged to draw along with us.

  • I tried watching the preview video but it says that I already registered for the course. What do I do?

    You should already be logged into your Thinkific account. At the top of the page, you should see "My Dashboard". Click on it. Once your dashboard shows up, you should see the Found Poetry course and the button to "Resume Course".

  • What will I get if I buy this Found Poetry course?

    You will receive the full course content, which includes many more examples of tiles featuring the Found Poetry technique. Plus three full-length projects where we will guide you from start to finish on how to create your own found and tangled poem.

  • After I purchase the course, will there be a time-limit on how long it will be available for viewing?

    No, there isn't a time-limit. Once you purchase the course, you get lifetime access to it.

  • How long are the videos?

    The three tutorial videos add up to be two hours long.

    In addition to those three tutorial videos, we have also included an introduction video where we explain what Found Poetry is, and what materials you will need. Plus a bonus video where we show you numerous examples of what we have created with the Found Poetry technique to give you ideas and inspiration.

  • I have a question that is not answered here...

    You can email us at [email protected]

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